All social networks reduce down to IRC and imgur

As a user of more Internet-based social networks than I care to admit to, for myriad reasons and social situations, private, public and professional, it’s become clear that they’re all no more than pretty, usually web-based, versions of IRC and imgur.

The core of what we do socially on the Web is sharing text and images with each other. Everything else is layered, usually badly, on top of that. It’s about time it all changed, got much simpler and more private, and someone truly disrupted the Facebooks, Google Pluses, LinkedIns and Instagrams of the world with something that goes back to those basics.

Fuck myriad broken privacy controls, awkward web interfaces, poor mobile experiences, being incessantly advertised at and having your time inherently wasted and consumed just so some already rich people can get richer, selling you to other rich people.

That’s not what the social use of the Internet should be, or be driven by.