DoS by my own home router

I recently made some changes to my home network, including setting up DNS for it. Because it’s a private network, I didn’t want to use publicly resolvable names, so I setup dnsmasq to provide resolution for my internal stuff on a new domain, which then forwarded requests to my home router for resolution on all others.

At some point in the last 24 hours, my home router decided that with 100% of my internal networked devices’ DNS requests now coming from the single IP of my new dnsmasq instance, rather than the individual devices themselves, that the dnsmasq server is flooding the network and is now firewalled off internally from making more DNS requests.

A quick change to have dnsmasq treat Google’s DNS as its upstream and all is well on the network again. I only picked Google because and are easy to remember, but I’m not too keen on them knowing about everything I access out on the Internet by name. Alternative recommendations are very welcome, if you have any.