The Logitech G920 wheel and pedal set (and the G92 sister variant) ship with a reasonably high-quality pedal box that unfortunately has a big flaw as shipped: the brake pedal is damped by a rubber block that sits inside the pedal assembly, making it much harder to press than the clutch or accelerator. Done in the name of realism, it would be fine except the rubber block is too stiff, meaning you have to step far too hard on the pedal to get it close to the end of its travel.

You can partially get around that depending on your game, with recalibration that tries to ignore the majority of the travel, but that usually ends up in the brake becoming far too sensitive. Thankfully you can modify it fairly easily.

Disconnect the pedals from the steering wheel so there’s no power heading to the pedals, then use a small #2 hex key to remove the metal pedal plates from each of the three pedals. That’ll let you take the top cover off and more easily get to the rubber block later. Then flip the pedal set over and remove the 12 larger black screws, and 14 smaller silver screws that hold the base to the top cover. Both black and silver screws are Philips type, and annoyingly they’re differently sized, so you’ll need two different screwdrivers or driver heads to get the job done. Note that two of the silver screws are underneath the carpet gripper, so pop that up to get at them.

Flip the pedal set back over again to normal orientation and then gently pry the top cover away from the base. It’s held fast with plastic tabs, so you’ll hear some popping as those clips release. When it’s free it’ll lift right off, but beware the cable that connects the pedal sensors to the steering wheel: that’s held in place by a couple of wide headed Philips screws, so just take it easy when you’re lifting the top cover free. You can either remove the cable guide screws to take the top cover completely free, or just set it down close by.

Then take a #5 hex key and a pair of pliers or the right sized spanner for the retaining nut, and use them to remove the retaining bolt that passes through the red plastic part of the brake pedal assembly. Either hold the nut and unscrew the bolt, or hold the bolt an undo the nut. When the nut is free of the bolt, apply some pressure to the red plastic piece to make it easier to pull the bolt out.

Pull the red plastic piece free and it’ll take the big spring with it. Inside the spring is the rubber block, so just tip it out and then reverse everything to put it all back together. That’s it: the pedal will now be as easy to operate as the clutch next to it (they’re identical), and you’ll be able to brake better in your games.

If you’re a visual person and need pictures to help visualise the above, I was an idiot and only took one picture as I went through it myself, so head over to YouTube where a search for “G920 brake pedal mod” will show you what I’ve just described.