I'm hiring again

I’m expanding the Competitive and Performance Analysis group inside of PowerVR again with two new hires, one more experienced person and one fresh faced in the graphics industry, both for the same kind of role.

The PowerVR C&PA group is best thought of as the glue between the technical sales, product management and marketing groups that promote our technology and engage new and existing customers, and the inner engineering and research teams.

We do pre- and post-sales work with customers to make sure they select the right graphics IP cores and give them the right system level parameters to make them perform well. That ranges from explaining how the IP cores work at an architectural level pre-sales, so the customer can get an understanding of the advantages our products have over the competition, right the way through to making sure they’re pitching the products to their own customers well when the product is designed, fabbed and ready to be sold as finished silicon.

That means you need a communicative head on your shoulders where you’re able to talk with authority about technology and how you see it fitting in to the customer’s product and that product in the market. Our customers are looking for ammunition about the technology to sell it and reassurance that they’re pitching it properly to the wider world.

We also do a significant amount of engineering work in two main areas. We analyse the run-time and theoretical performance of our IP cores in real devices, the simulator and full emulation, collecting, analysing, understanding and filtering data in order to present it well to internal customers who need it for their work. Say a product manager for one customer needs data in a specific test against a specific competitor device along with explanations that are clear and concise in order to understand the difference. We do that.

We also investigate the run-time performance on real devices in terms of the IP cores’ driver and shader compiler in order to identify and plan improvements to both. There’s always more performance and efficiency to find in our products via the software that drives it. That means being comfortable getting your hands dirty in driver and compiler code in order to understand it and figure out how the driver and compiler teams can make it better in the future.

We do all of that under the watchful eye of PowerVR Research, who help guide our efforts and make sure we’re focusing on the right things. The lead architect for our 3D graphics IP is part of that team, so you get to be close to the genesis of what we do.

So it’s a mix of in-depth engineering and communication between myriad internal and external clients and customers, driven by being passionate about 3D graphics hardware and software and how it all works. If you’re incredibly interested about the inner workings of graphics hardware, I probably have the best job in the world to offer you outside of researching and designing it.

The full job specification is on our graduate careers site. Start at the Opportunity section and remember that I have an experienced position open as well that the same job spec applies to, it’s just not up on the non-graduate careers part of the website yet.

If you like what you see, get in touch with your CV by emailing rys.sommefeldt@imgtec.com or email me here at rys@sommefeldt.com too. Feel free to ask me questions about the day-to-day job and what it’s like to live around here near Kings Langley. Both positions are here in the UK in our HQ site.