mbdns 2.0

Not long after the release of the first version of mbdns, Mythic Beasts rolled out their version 2 DNS API, and thankfully didn’t turn off the v1 endpoint that mbdns v1.x uses, otherwise it might have been the least useful software release in the history of programming. It’s been on my list for a while to update it to use the new API and I finally got round to it recently, pushing version 2.0 a few weeks ago.

If you’re a user of v1.x and want to migrate to v2.0, note that I revised the config file format slightly, changing some field names and adding support for the two-part authentication system that Mythic Beasts have in place for their latest APIs.

There’s also a provided binary for Linux arm64, which I use myself on my new router at home, and a new command line option (-insecure) to allow you to more easily get a running configuration via bypassing the file stat checks that mbdns makes on startup while trying to read it.

v2.0 release binaries are built using golang 1.18.1, and the code is now structured and built as a proper golang module.

It’s got me thinking about writing a fully-featured Mythic Beasts API client in golang with a terminal UI, to do a lot more than just update dynamic DNS. A project for the future maybe.

Until then, if you use mbdns at all, let me know! I know of one other user since they’re a customer of mine, but for all I know we are (and honestly speaking might well be!) the only two users on the planet.

The code is also available at sourcehut!