OpenConnect 8.02 Homebrew

OpenConnect 8.0 in Homebrew on macOS removed the stoken build option, which enabled RSA SecurID soft token support. The Homebrew maintainers were happy to make it a default build option after I filed a PR that restored it as optional, as they work to remove those kinds of components from package formula contained in Homebrew/core.

I missed the 8.01 contribution window but rebased (a very simple one-liner!) against the formula for OpenConnect 8.02, and that was quickly accepted by the maintainers.

So a brew install openconnect on an up-to-date Homebrew will get you 8.02 with default soft token support, meaning you don’t need brew install openconnect --with-stoken any more. I noticed after a brew upgrade meant I couldn’t create a VPN to work any more!