OS X Mountain Lion Wi-Fi Issues

I’ve talked about Wi-Fi issues in OS X Lion a couple of times, offering some potential relief for those on Apple’s latest OS X who were suffering disconnections, problems waking from sleep and reassociating with their Wi-Fi networks and very sluggish performance.

My solution was simple: take the Wi-Fi drivers from Snow Leopard and use those on Lion, and it seemed to work.

With today’s release of OS X Mountain Lion (10.8 in numeric terms), Apple seem to have fixed the issues once and for all — at least for me and my problematic late 2009 model iMac.

For reference: the Snow Leopard kexts still work on Mountain Lion if you want to give them a shot, but I sincerely hope nobody needs to use them with the new operating system.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t point you at John Siracusa’s incredible review on Ars Technica at this point. It’s definitely recommended if you want to get the inside track on what appears to be the best OS X yet from a technical perspective, if not in light of some of the more insidious social network tie-ins that you can’t seem to avoid these days.