Privacy Policy

This post outlines the privacy policy for and Both websites are only ever delivered to your browser using HTTPS and TLS v1.2 as the transport, using certificates issued by Let’s Encrypt. You can analyse the security performance of both sites at Qualys SSL Labs: and

In addition to the A+ rated security performance, both sites have the following privacy-respecting policy features:

  • Zero ads or trackers of any kind
  • Zero client-side JavaScript of any kind
  • Zero analytics or traffic monitoring of any kind
  • Completely disabled web server logs

So not only are there no trackers, ads, client-side JS, or analytics and traffic monitoring of any kind, I can’t even tell if you visited the website since there are no transient or persistent logs of your visit.

You get to know about me from my writing but I don’t get to know anything about you, which is about as private as I can make it.