Why can't you view unlock attempts on iOS

One thing I’ve wished for recently is a way to see when, and where since all my iOS devices have GPS capability, someone has attempted to unlock the device via the passcode I’ve set. Ideally I’d also like a silent picture taken from the front camera, and a record of the passcode they tried, but I understand why they’re a little riskier for Apple to provide.

The information should be made available via the Find my applications, so you can see remotely when and where the device unlocks were attempted after you misplaced it, and ideally who tried as well.

All of that information and the means to access it are key in retrieving a lost or stolen iOS device.

Prey on iOS supports features like this, or at least it did before Apple pulled it from the App Store, but it requires the app to be in the foreground and is incompatible with the passcode entry system.

The functionality needs to be baked into the OS, and plugged in to the device unlock mechanism.