I’m conscious of my privacy online, and go to decent lengths to explore what’s out there to let me increase it. Messaging is a big part of my online life, especially non-SMS with the rise of iMessage and WhatsApp. Both of those systems ofter pretty good privacy (objectively excellent really), but neither is open source or has been audited out in the open, even if the source stays private.

So every now and again I check to see what’s new, and recently Wire popped up on my radar. It’s a messenger in the modern ideal: private with forward secrecy, group messaging, good UI for verifying Bob to your Alice, and with two crucial things that WhatsApp doesn’t have: open source code, and native apps for macOS and Linux (and iOS and Android and Windows!).

Anyway, it seems to be worth a go, so I’m trying and encouraging my little social circle to give it a go too. I’m @rys if you want to say hello.