GDC 2015

I gave a couple of talks at the Imagination Developer Conference ‘15, part of the pre-expo stuff at GDC 2015. Our IDC events aim to get developers more familiar with PowerVR Graphics technology, so that when they’re developing on it, they can use our tools and understand the available performance much better than they would if they came at it all blind.

There was a keynote session at the start of the day, where we covered what’s happening with our hardware and software roadmaps. I gave the hardware part (at least for our rasterisation graphics technology, Luke Peterson spoke about our ray tracing stuff). My focus with the hardware part of the keynote was to outline what Rogue is and talk about its evolution as we developed it from the first release, Series6, through Series6XT and Series7XT most recently.

In the 2nd session, I tried to spend some time highlighting the fact that there’s a lot of performance in a modern high-end consumer smartphone or tablet, amounting to more than Playstation 3 or Xbox 360 in terms of graphics performance in the most high-end devices like iPad Air 2. If you think about what games on those consoles are capable of rendering, that you can get that level of graphics out of a device you carry around in your hand or bag is pretty incredible.

PowerVR Graphics Keynote - Hardware - GDC 2015

Great Looking Graphics on PowerVR - GDC 2015